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Science of Style - Look Book

Science of Style is all about owning less and looking awesome! It is a clothing label that has been directly driven by a large group of amazing women who via the wonders of a social media platform and under the guidance of a very clever (though sometimes crazy ) fashion stylist , have learned how to be totally in charge of their wardrobes.


NAT TUCKER is a Personal and Interior Stylist, specializing in empowering busy women to be the boss of their wardrobe.

ALISON DE BOER is a successful fashion retailer who specialized in providing excellent service and quality clothing for her clients. Through her extensive experience in the industry Alison could see the need for women to be guided honestly to the right choices for them as individuals.

I have been the official photographer Science of Style for the past 3 seasons. I am enjoying watching this new online store take off and grow, it doesn't look as though they will be slowing down anytime soon as we will be shooting the next range within the next few month.

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